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1. Why are dental implants often the first choice and a benchmark against which to restore teeth when teeth are lost or damaged?

Benefits of dental implant are a strong and stable solution, while other treatment solutions can lead to bone deterioration that interferes with eating, smiling, speaking and other activities of daily living.

dental implant

1.1. Implants are a long-term solution.

Traditional bridges that support the teeth usually last for about 5-7 years, and with reasonable care, they can last for more than ten years, but at some point, they may need to be replaced. Dental implants with regular follow-ups can be used for a lifetime when properly placed.

1.2. Enjoy life without worrying about your teeth.

You don’t need to stay home or feel uncomfortable in public because you are embarrassed to smile for fear people will notice, worry that grinding your teeth will limit your ability to participate in the fun, or fear that the removable denture will come loose or fall off when you talk, eat, or laugh. Implants solve all the above problems for you and make your life easier and more comfortable.

1.3. Maintain your natural face and smile.

A face without teeth can sag, dental Implant, and appear. Implants allow you to maintain the natural shape of your face and smile.

1.4. Protect healthy bones.

After losing one or more teeth, the gap in your mouth can lead to other health problems, such as the loss and resorption of part of your jawbone. When bone is not used to support a natural tooth, the jawbone degenerates, losing strength and stiffness. Implants preserve and stimulate the natural bone, aiding bone growth and preventing loss.

1.5. Maintain your teeth in the correct position in your mouth.

Implants assist in keeping your teeth in proper alignment in your mouth. You won’t have to worry about removable dentures slipping or falling out. Brushing, flossing, and taking care of the teeth on the implant properly will help you get natural teeth.

1.6. Talk easily.

Using removable dentures can cause speech difficulties. With dental implants, you can speak just like with natural teeth.

1.7. Eat your favorite food.

Enjoy the flavors of your favorite foods without hesitation. You can bite naturally and eat almost anything you want, and without the discomfort of a removable denture, you can experience the full flavor of the food you eat with the implant. Implant transplant.

1.8. No tooth decay.

Cavities cannot occur on teeth restored with implants. However, you will still need to see your dentist for scheduled cleanings and daily care for your mouth and gums, just like your natural teeth.

1.9. Protect your healthy teeth.

Performing a bridge requires grinding away the teeth on one or both sides of the missing tooth, which means you must complete specific treatments on the remaining good tooth to restore the missing teeth. The bridge will then be attached to the teeth.

Implants are made into the jawbone where the tooth is missing without affecting the adjacent good teeth. They also help prevent adjacent teeth from moving or opposing teeth from hanging down in the best way, helping to maintain your bite.”

dental implant

2. Implant or disposal function: a helpful checklist.

Should you choose a removable denture or an implant? Below are some questions to help you decide which solution is best for your missing teeth.

Check out the following list:

I want my missing teeth to look the most like natural teeth.
> I want my replacement teeth to help me maintain the bone in my jawbone.
> I want a long-term recovery solution worth the money.
> I don’t want to worry about the replacement teeth slipping or making noises when I talk or laugh.
> I don’t want to worry about food getting on my gums and underneath my restorative health. I don’t want to take my dentures off every night to clean them.
> I want a solution to restore teeth that can be used for many years.
> I want a dental solution that won’t move when I kiss someone.

dental imlant

3. Benefits of dental implants.

If you choose only one of the above questions, an implant is better for your case. Unlike removable dentures, dental implants can fulfill all of the characteristics listed above, creating your perfect smile.

Implant placement will be related to the bone condition at the tooth loss site, so each customer will have a different treatment plan. The number of appointments, the treatment process, and the cost of treatment will also be extra. After examining the CT scan (3-D tomography film) and evaluation, the implant doctor will provide you with a treatment plan that includes the work to be done, the number of appointments, and the cost of treatment. This treatment plan will not change during treatment.

Restoring teeth with dental implants will make them healthier, more natural, and last longer, but the cost will also be more expensive than other tooth restoration methods.

For example, an implant is usually less expensive than a bridge in the long run because a bridge over natural teeth sometimes has to be replaced. Some other solutions to restore lost teeth can be considered, such as bridges or removable dentures, but customer satisfaction still needs to be higher than with implant solutions.

Recognizing the long-term benefits of implants for customers compared to other solutions, more and more insurance companies are offering customers cost packages, including implant costs. In addition, you should also ask the implant doctor about fees and payment options.

Restoring lost teeth is the only viable option because your dental implants are involved in everything from your smile and self-confidence to your health, communication, and participation in social activities. Teeth to implants, so dental implants are an investment worth considering.

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