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Dental Insurannce

Dental benefits in insurance depend on the insurance plan you have paid for. Usually divided into two packages:

1. Basic dental treatment

Depending on your insurance limit, the insurance company will typically pay the following basic dental treatment costs incurred at dental facilities, including:

  •  Examination and diagnosis.
  • Treatment of gingivitis ( scaling and polishing)
  • Dental fillings (amalgam or composite).
  • Root canal treatment.
  • Extraction of pathological teeth (without surgery).

2. Advanced dental treatment

  • Extraction requires surgery.
  • Deep Cleanning
  • Periapical surgery
  • Gum treatment with periodontitis

Some premium insurance packages will pay full or co-pay (Copay) for specialized treatments such as replacing or renewing porcelain crowns, implants, orthodontic braces, and minor wisdom teeth surgery.

To be sure, you should check your rights and exclusions with your insurance company staff to know your benefits and the directly guaranteed dental clinics before going to the dental office for treatment.


Sakura Dental is very honored to cooperate with most of domestic Insurance companies  and many International Companies ,  with a professional, convenient, and fast insurance process. 

For patients participating in dental insurance, who has a dental care insurance package. When patients participate in the dental examination and treatment at Sakura Dental, they will be guaranteed hospital fees for a simple, time-saving procedure. Concretely:

Step 1: Present your insurance card and identity document with a photo at the Reception counter. Children under 15 must present their birth certificates.

Step 2: The patient is examined and diagnosed. The doctor will inform the patient about the dental condition and make a treatment plan for the patient. the treatment will be appvoved by the patiennt after discussion before moving the thhe next step. 

Step 3: Based on the treatment from our doctor, our receptionist will submit online all of the neccesasy documents to the insurance company  

Step 4: Sakura Dental will check the patient’s information and insurance card and request additional and complete information if missing.

Step 5: The assessment and respond from Insurance will be sent within 30 mins to connfirm the treatmennt will be fully or patial covered.  

Note: While waiting for Insurance’s evaluation and response, Sakura Dental can treat the patient. At the end of the treatment process, if Insurance has not yet responded to the results, Sakura Dental will advance the patient this treatment cost, which will be refunded when Insurance evaluates and informs.

Items on the treatment of common oral diseases that Insurance can guarantee include:

Dental cleaning
Dental fillings.
Root canal treatment.
Tooth extraction.
Dental surgery.

Step 6A: In the case of the underwriting of dental insurance, Sakura informs the patient of the details of Innurance’s feedback, then issues an invoice for the person to sign as confirmation.

Step 6B: In case it is not covered by the dental insurance guarantee: Sakura will notify the patient in detail of the content of Insurance’s response, including the reason for not guaranteeing it. The patient pays the treatment costs directly.

If you have any questions, please contact Sakura Dental at the following phone number: (+84) 28.5415.6868.


The Direct Monthly Payment Agreement with Sakura Dental gives business customers an easy way to pay their employees’ medical bills. This agreement does not include any additional fees or membership fees.

By signing a monthly payment contract that is valid throughout the Sakura Dental system, you will help your employees and their families enjoy the convenience of “cashless” medical services when visiting our centers.

This agreement can be tailored based on the services you want them to enjoy.

A single monthly bill also helps your company reduce costs and simplify administrative procedures when paying for medical services for employees.

In addition, Sakura Dental has direct payments with several insurance companies such as Bao Viet, Bao Minh, Aon, Liberty, Allianz, Blue Cross, Bao An Khang, Insmart, Gras Savoye, Generali, PTI, PVI, Global Health, Bupa, Papaya, Atena, … Any customer who buys dental treatment packages from the above insurance companies can have treatment at our clinic without paying cash.


(*) Please read your insurance policy carefully to understand the categories not covered by insurance and to know which section covers the maximum coverage of each treatment.

To sign the agreement, please get in touch with Sakura Dental Hotline at 0983408040 Or email:

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