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Inner braces are an orthodontic method that helps to align teeth to create the best bite to help you have a perfect smile and good oral health. This treatment method involves rearranging the position of the teeth so that they are straighter and more even, applied to cases of tooth misalignment such as underbite, protruding teeth, crooked teeth, Overgrown teeth, stray teeth, reverse bite, and crossbite.

In addition to the aesthetic effect, Inner braces are also a measure to realign the bite, help prolong the life of the teeth, and protect oral health.

1. Advantages and disadvantages of Inner braces

Inner braces are an excellent solution to help erase people’s worries about communication problems and contact with people around them while orthodontics treatment. You can still meet and communicate with people as usual even though your teeth are full of braces for a year and a half, especially in an office environment. This method has several advantages and disadvantages, as follows:

1.1. Advantages of Inner braces

Because brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth, patients can confidently communicate without affecting work and daily communication.

1.2. Disadvantages of Inner braces

The treatment time is longer than the outer braces; hygiene is more complex, higher cost due to personalized brackets.

Here are some popular forms of Inner braces that are being applied and Sakura Dental can provide you.Inner braces

2. Braces with brackets

With fixed braces, the brackets will be fixed directly on the outside of the teeth. The bonding force between the archwires and brackets will help to gradually straighten all the teeth, helping the teeth to become naturally beautiful.

2.1. Metal braces

Metal braces are a traditional method of braces to help you improve the defects of your teeth such as crooked, overbite, and underbite,… With cheap cost Compared to other types of braces, the treatment process is simple, so the method of Inner braces with metal brackets is the choice of parents for their children. The traditional method of braces helps you to improve your shortcomings. This series of brackets has high strength, withstands large pulling forces, and is not easily broken while adjusting and increasing force.

The material is usuallymade of gold, silver, or stainless steel, using an elastic bowstring to hold the frame. Therefore, you will feel a bit uncomfortable when you first wear this type of braces. You have to practice to get used to it.

2.1.2. Advantages

The cheapest of all braces, gold braces, may be more expensive due to the materials used; the time for teeth to be in the correct position is faster; colorful lanyards for kids.

2.1.3. Disadvantages

Aesthetics are lower than others.; must avoid foods that can stick to Inner braces, such as marshmallows, hard foods, etc.; metal braces can irritate teeth, gums, and cheeks; some people with metal allergies cannot use these brackets.

2.2. Porcelain braces

Porcelain dental braces are a method of braces that are gradually replacing metal braces, Porcelain braces are attached to the front of the teeth like metal braces. Ceramic braces will be challenging to see when viewed from a distance, and it will be difficult for others to notice that you are wearing them. Ceramic braces are made of ceramic alloys and some other inorganic materials. Then, an elastic band and lip bowstring will be put on to shape and increase traction.

Porcelain braces are gradually replacing metal braces. Ceramic braces do not change color, but if you are wearing braces that are made of plastic or composite brackets, it will quickly become discolored. Even in ceramic braces, the optical area of the brackets may be stained, but it can also be cleaned easily by going to the dentist you work for cleaning every visit.

2.2.1. Advantages

Porcelain materials have good strength and are difficult to break; the elastic bands have high elasticity; high aesthetics because porcelain braces match the natural tooth color; some types also have elastic bands and transparent lip arches.

2.2.2. Disadvantages

More expensive than metal braces; each brace pin is slightly larger than the others; the surrounding stand may become stained if not cleaned properly.

2.3. Self-closing brackets

This type is very popular because of the advantages and outstanding features that they bring. Brackets have a system of slides or metal wings to cover and hold the wire in the brackets. The wire will slide freely into the bracket groove. Brackets and bowstrings are designed automatically for good adhesion, keeping the bowstring firmly in the slide. The advantages and outstanding features favor the self-closing brackets they bring.

Inner braces

This is a replacement for elastic ties like classic braces. The stability of the brackets and the arch wire creates a steady traction to help the teeth move in the right direction and shorten the treatment time compared to traditional braces.

2.3.1. Advantages

Reduced friction thanks to the wire that slides freely in the bracket groove help the doctor can adjust and control the force of fixing the jaw better, using lighter force, the wire is less deformed.

The time to wear braces is less than other types; no need to visit the dentist for regular corrections.

2.3.2. Disadvantages

  • The thickness of the large brackets is easy to cause discomfort to the user.
  • Braces system requires sophistication in design and manufacture.
  • The cost is much higher than traditional braces.
  • Doctors need high technical skills.

2.4. Lingual braces (internal brackets)

Lingual braces, also known as inner braces, are a way of ‘secret alignment’. Similar to the outside, but the inner braces are only glued on the inside of the teeth. Basically, lingual braces are completely invisible because the brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth. On the inside, to be able to control traction, increasing force for each stage also requires special techniques and precise manipulation. Therefore, to achieve the best effect of lingual braces, it should be performed by a good doctor with many years of experience in braces, especially inner braces.

2.4.1. Advantages

  • Tongue brackets have high aesthetic value, people wearing braces are not afraid of other people’s detection.
  • This is the way braces are suitable for people whose work has to communicate a lot, especially women.

2.4.2. Disadvantages

The cost of this type of braces is higher than other types. There will be discomfort for the tongue during the first few days of wearing braces.

3. Braces without brackets

This is the highest quality method of braces, the treatment technique uses transparent "trays" such as  removable erasers to move teeth, helping orthodontic treatment with brackets like braces or braces. metal wire. With this method you will have a confident smile throughout the treatment period and you will also notice more even teeth every day. Braces without braces for orthodontic treatment without using braces Replace the mold every 2 weeks and the teeth will move little by little until you achieve the smile you desire.

3.1. Advantages

  • Braces without brackets can be removed and inserted very convenient and comfortable.
  • Very easy to clean the teeth.
  • When talking to the opposite person, it will be difficult to realize you are using.
  • Aesthetics are the highest.

3.2. Disadvantages

  • The most expensive of all types of Inner braces.
  • The new tray will cause little difficulty in pronunciation, eating.

4. Braces with removable appliances

When it comes to braces, you will immediately think of braces and Inner braces, but few people know about removable braces. Removable braces are not only highly effective but also less expensive than metal braces.

Braces with removable appliances are often used for mixed teeth, especially children’s teeth that have not been replaced, both baby teeth and permanent teeth. Braces with removable appliances but its cost is lower than the metal braces method The time to wear removable appliances depends on the condition of your teeth, can be worn from 1 and a half to 2 years.

4.1. Advantages

  • Low price.
  • Simple, takes less time to prepare.
  • Disassemble, clean teeth as well as appliances in a simple way.
  • The appliance can be easily changed or changed during use.

4.2. Disadvantages

  • When eating, you must remove it when you go out. There will be some discomfort when using it for the first time.
  • Each method of braces has its own advantages and disadvantages. To choose for yourself an effective treatment method, you should visit Sakura dental center for consultation so that the doctors will decide which type of Inner braces you are suitable for.
  • If you have any need for your braces and orthodontics, please contact Sakura Dental immediately at 028.5415.6868 (branch 0), or our hotline 0983408040. We will check the schedule and Book an appointment that’s best for you. Our dentist will explain the braces and orthodontic process in detail.
  • Sakura Dental Clinic is one of the oldest dental clinics with experience and dedicated staff. Come to us soon to use services that meet international standards in oral medicine. With over 20 years of experience, we will bring you the most professional and modern dental services today.

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