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Dental Insurannce

A dental fee guarantee is a form for which the insurance company will pay some or all of your medical expenses at a dental clinic, usually including the cost of the examination and treatment. The insurance company sets the specific details of the categories of assessment and therapy covered when the customer joins the policy.

Usually, the costs covered by insurance include the costs of examination, diagnosis (such as an X-ray), and treatment of certain items such as scaling, filling, root canal treatment, and tooth extraction (including extraction, wisdom teeth).

Customers and family members who are guaranteed dental fees will only have to pay for treatment expenses not covered by insurance,or when the limit of liability is exceeded.

Customers who want to be guaranteed dental fees need to be examined and treated at clinics that are partnered with insurance companies. Sakura Dental is among the few offices with the trust of nearly 20 leading insurance companies worldwide and in Vietnam. You can see a complete list of Sakura Dental’s partner insurance companies here.

Customers who are guaranteed dental fees can reduce their financial burden.

We process your request very quickly to guarantee dental fees—on average, within 30 minutes of receiving the complete application from the customer.

What is a dental fee guarantee card?

When you participate, an insurance company will issue a hard insurance card or an application (app) on your mobile phone. The card will display information about the customer, company name (if purchased by the company), card number, validity date, etc.

For customers participating in dental insurance, when examining and treating at medical facilities that have signed a dental fee guarantee agreement with the insurance company, you will use the dental fee guarantee card to pay expenses for examination and treatment at dental facilities.

You will only pay for expenses that exceed the limit or are deemed unnecessary or medically unreasonable.

Effect of the insurance card

1. Your benefits when choosing a dentist that cooperates with the insurance company that you join.

Customers who come for dental examination and treatment in cooperation with an insurance company (for which you have a hospital fee guarantee card) can enjoy the following services and utilities:

• Direct examination by a team of experienced and skilled doctors at clinics that have been trusted and selected by insurance companies

• Fully equipped with the most modern and advanced machinery systems.

• Timely, accurate results of examination, diagnosis, and treatment

• A scientific examination process that is completed quickly.

• Convenient guarantee procedures, support, and thoughtful document preparation in case customers are not directly guaranteed.

• Service prices are listed publicly and reasonably, with many attractive incentive programs.

• Maximize the guaranteed benefits of the insurance card.

• Saves time, and does not affect work or study because the clinic offers appointments daily, including weekends.

When performing procedures for examination and treatment at hospitals and clinics in the insurance company’s hospital fee guarantee system, the insured should present the hospital fee guarantee card to the clinic’s receptionist for hospital fee guarantee service support.

2. In the case of outpatient medical examination and treatment or medical examination and treatment at a hospital or clinic that is not part of the hospital fee guarantee system of insurance companies, the insured should pay attention to collecting payment documents (medical records, medical records, bills, etc.) to serve as documentation for requesting insurance payments from the insurance company after treatment.

The process of claiming dental fees at Sakura Dental Clinic

With more than ten years of experience working in cooperation with domestic and international insurance companies, Sakura Dental has built a process for using the dental fee guarantee card and paying benefits, including five simple steps as follows:

Step 1: The insured requests a guarantee for hospital fees.
The insured person or their representative makes a claim to the Sakura Dental Receptionist and presents the insurance company’s hospital fee guarantee card (hard card or card on the app) along with the following documents: ID documents as required by the insurance (CCCD/ID card for Vietnamese; passport for foreigners; and additional birth certificate for children under 15 years old).

Step 2: The dental office checks the information and makes a guarantee request.
The receptionist or insurance staff of the dental clinic will check the insured person’s information, request a guarantee of the dental fee, and send it to the insurance company that issued the card.

Step 3: The insurance company responds to the guarantee request.
The insurance company will check the application to guarantee hospital fees and issue a notice of acceptance or refusal of the guarantee.
The time limit for processing guarantee requests is 30 minutes after the Center receives them.

Step 4: The insurance company’s response
Sakura Dental’s receptionist or insurance officer receives and communicates the insurance company’s decision to the insured.

Step 5: The insured completes the benefit payment procedure.
The insured or its representative must only pay for Center expenses not covered by the insurance company’s insurance.

The insured person signs the claim form or documents according to the instructions of the insurance office before leaving the Center.

Cases where hospital fees are not guaranteed

Issues, where hospital fees are not guaranteed, include:
+ Failure to provide sufficient guarantee cards or identity papers as prescribed

+ The insured terminates the insurance before the expiration date indicated on the insurance card.

+ Any costs incurred that are not covered by insurance.

For customers to enjoy the maximum benefits approved by the insurance company, please pay attention to the above issues so that the dental fee guarantee is carried out 

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