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1. What are the benefits of Invisalign First?

Traditional orthodontic treatment uses metal brackets and wires. However, dental technology has created Invisalign First for children, a revolutionary orthodontic treatment. Designed to treat various dental issues in children, Invisalign First has many advantages over traditional braces.

1.1. Comfort is a significant benefit of Invisalign First

Traditional braces can be uncomfortable due to metal wires and brackets, but Invisalign First for children aligners are made of smooth, flexible plastic that is gentle on a child’s mouth.

1.2. Removal

Invisalign First aligners are removable, a major benefit. Removal of aligners while brushing and flossing helps kids maintain good oral hygiene. It also lets them eat their favorite foods without restrictions.

1.3. Invisalign First aligners are tailored to each child’s teeth

A perfect fit and effective treatment are guaranteed. Children’s teeth can grow and change, so the aligners can be adjusted to stay effective.

1.4. Invisible Appearance

Invisalign First aligners are nearly invisible. They’re ideal for kids who care about their appearance and don’t want their orthodontics treatment to stand out. Metal braces can make kids and teens self-conscious. As Invisalign First is nearly invisible, it eliminates this issue, boosting the child’s self-esteem.

1.5. Invisalign

First predicts your child’s teeth movement using advanced technology. This helps dentists plan and deliver predictable results.

1.6. Saves Time

Traditional braces require frequent orthodontist visits for adjustments. With Invisalign First, children and parents have fewer appointments, saving time.

1.7. Dental Issue Prevention

Invisalign First can prevent overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Early intervention may make orthodontic treatment faster, simpler, or unnecessary.

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invisalign first for children

2. Who should get Invisalign First?

Invisalign First is for children aged 6–10 with early dental development. The mixed dentition phase occurs when children have both primary (baby) and permanent (adult) teeth. This treatment targets crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches.

Children with these dental issues are good candidates for Invisalign First. Early intervention can prevent more serious issues, making treatment simpler and shorter.

Children who can consistently wear their aligners 20–22 hours a day are also good candidates.

Additionally, children with good oral hygiene are good candidates for Invisalign. Preventing tooth decay and gum disease during treatment requires good oral hygiene. Clear aligners should be cleaned regularly to maintain their clarity and treatment progress.

However, you should note that Invisalign First cannot treat all dental problems within 18 months. Continued orthodontic treatment may be necessary for certain conditions such as a deep bite, severe crowding, or skeletal discrepancies. Therefore, you should consult the doctors at Sakura Dental Clinic to have a comprehensive treatment plan right at the beginning of treatment.

3. How much does Invisalign First cost?

Invisalign First costs depend on the child’s teeth complexity and treatment duration. The severity of the dental issue also affects cost; overbite, underbite, and crossbite cost more than slightly crooked teeth.

Another factor affecting Invisalign First cost is treatment duration. Your child will need more aligners as treatment continues, increasing cost.

Invisalign 1st is expensive, but many dental plans cover a portion of that cost. Check with your insurance provider to see what treatment portion will be covered before starting.

At Sakura Dental, we have flexible payment plans to spread the cost. Treatment will become more affordable and accessible to many families. Please discuss costs and payment options with Sakura Dental before starting treatment.

invisalign first for children

4. How does Invisalign First work?

First, consult the doctors at Sakura Dental Clinic. Your child’s teeth will be examined to determine if Invisalign 1st is right for them. If appropriate, the orthodontist will use the iTero Element scanner to scan your child’s teeth. This cutting-edge scanner creates an accurate 3D model of your child’s teeth.

Our orthodontist will use this scan to plan a precise treatment. This plan will show your child’s teeth’s movements from treatment to the desired position. This is great because you can see how your child’s teeth will shift over time, giving you a clear picture.

Custom Invisalign 1st aligners are made after the treatment plan is determined. The patented SmartTrack material makes these aligners comfortable and snug. No metal or sharp edges—just a smooth, clear, invisible aligner.

5. How long does Invisalign First treatment take?

The average Invisalign First treatment takes 6 months to 2 years. The average treatment time is 12–18 months. Here are several factors that determine treatment length.

5.1. Complexity of Case

Complex orthodontic issues take longer to fix. Mild crowding or spacing issues can be fixed faster than severe ones or bites.

5.2. Compliance

Invisalign aligners should be worn 20-22 hours daily. Compliance with these guidelines is crucial to the child’s treatment success and speed. Not wearing aligners as directed may extend treatment time.

5.3. Regular Appointments

Checkups are necessary to track progress and adjust treatment. Treatment delays can result from missed appointments.

Invisalign 1st is ideal for young children in stage I orthodontic treatment. However, treatment time is essential before choosing this option. Come see Sakura Dental to assess your child’s needs, estimate the exact treatment time and discuss any other issues, and we will help you make the most satisfactory choice possible for your child.

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