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Thanks to its professional reputation and long-term experience in the field of hospital fee guarantee, Sakura Dental is currently trusted by nearly 20 domestic and international insurance companies.

Customers registered for insurance services with these companies can apply for hospital fee guarantees at Sakura Dental Clinic.

Affiliated Vietnamese insurance companies

  • Bao Viet Insurance Corporation
  • Bao Minh Insurance Corporation
  • Postal Insurance Corporation (PTI)
  • Vietnam Oil and Gas Insurance Corporation (PVI)
  • Military Insurance Corporation (MIC)

Affiliated foreign insurance companies

  • AETNA Company (USA)
  • Liberty Insurance Company (USA)
  • BUPA Insurance Company (UK)
  • Generali Insurance Company (Italy)
  • Blue Cross Insurance Company (USA)
  • Henner Insurance Company (France)
  • Mango Insurance Company (Thailand)
  • Global Health Insurance Company

Affiliated independent hospital fee guarantee partner companies

  • Smart Joint Stock Company
  • Bao An Khang Joint Stock Company (BaK)
  • South Asia Service and Joint Stock Company
  • Anthena Joint Stock Company
  • The FTC Claims Company

Some notes when using the hospital fee insurance card at Sakura Dental

Appointments can be made at any time, from anywhere, including abroad, by filling out all the information on our booking website from a laptop, mobile phone, or any other device with an Internet connection.
And follow the instructions on the form about the hospital fee guarantee.

If you have a hospital fee insurance card but have not submitted your application via form or email, upon arriving to the Center, please provide all required documents, such as the insurance card (hard copy or version on the app), identification documents (ID card/CCCD for Vietnamese customers, passport for foreign customers, and an additional birth certificate for customers under 15 years old.

– Customers should know their dental benefits (detailed in the customer handbook when buying insurance). They can call the insurance company (tel. number on the back of your insurance card) for answers if it needs clarification. This process will help the customer understand what services the insurance company covers and their yearly coverage limit.

– Please note about direct guarantee: Some insurance companies categorize insurance cards as ALREADY and NOT under explicit contract at dental clinics, although customers still have benefits for dental treatment.

Example: Bao Viet Insurance Company:
Black and Yellow cards: Directly guaranteed.

There is no direct guarantee on the blue and silver cards.

Without a direct guarantee, after the treatment is finished and the customer has paid in full to the Center, we will issue an invoice, prepare a complete insurance dossier, and hand it over to the Center’s client.

You then submit documents to the insurance company to receive your compensation, as specified in your insurance policy.

Some insurance companies and independent hospital fee guaranteecompanies, such as Bao Minh Insurance Corporation or Bao An Khang Company, only guarantee hospital fees during office hours.
Treatment outside the guaranteed hours of the insurance company or the independent hospital guarantee company will make the Sakura Dental Center unable to check the customer’s interests with the insurance partner, so the hospital fee guarantee cannot be performed. We’re sorry, but you must still pay in advance and file your insurance to get a refund.

If you want to be guaranteed hospital fees, please note which company your insurance card is in charge of so that you can choose the appropriate time to come to the Center.

Your thoughtfulness will help us make the hospital fee guarantee quickly and conveniently for you.

Sakura Dental would like to thank you for your cooperation so that the hospital fees are guaranteed smoothly and quickly, ensuring your interests in the best possible way.

Managed by Doctor TRAN NGOC TU, Ph.D. in Dentistry, Tokyo University, Japan

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8h – 12h; 14h – 20h
8h – 12h

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  • Medical examination and treatment practice certificate number: 001272/HCM-CCHN, issued by the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City on July 20, 2012.

  • Medical examination and treatment operation license number: 01839/SYT-GPHD, issued by the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City on March 18, 2014.


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